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A long time ago in the greater Bay Area...

Our Jedi masters bring the force and fun to your youngling's big day! Choose from Luke & Anikin, Luke and Leia, young OB-1 and Anikin, or any character as a solo. We know our Star Wars, which is important considering so many kids are experts in galactic goings-on...Our appearances feature funny a happy birthday song honoring the birthday padwan, and and 3 phases of Jedi training: light saber skills (we can make balloon light sabers), our seriously funny Jedi master says game, and defeating the death-star a fun game involving sitting on balloons it'll be just like bullseye-ing womp-rats back on Tatooine... time permitting, we also do balloon sculpting and face painting! We bring background music, prizes for all the padwans, and a gift for the birthday child. Picture and video taking are welcome and encouraged. The force will be with your party! Available in 30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute, and 2-hour lengths.


Our super popular super hero swings into your party with his high energy show! He will take over the party with his super hero training games, special attention for the birthday child, lots of laughs, plus dazzling balloon sculpting and/or face painting!

Batman and Cat Woman

Save your party from the forces of mayhem with our bat-themed super hero! If you're looking for fun and excitement, he brings it: bat-flavored superhero training games, intense silliness, crime-fighting balloon sculpting, and an important message: do the right thing! Our bat guy can capture your party of 60-, 90-, or 120-minutes. To start your booking send us a bat signal now (or an email if you don't have a bat signal)!

Superman and Supergirl

Help Superman, Supergirl, or even both super silly crimefighters to save the day at your little hero's special event! Both characters lead superhero training games, balloon sculpting, and identity-protecting face painting. Invite Superman or Supergirl by themselves or call in both for twice the crime-fighting action!

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