Jedi Training Academy

A long time ago in the greater Bay Area...

Our Jedi masters bring the force and fun to your youngling's big day! Choose from Luke & Anikin, Luke and Leia, young OB-1 and Anikin, or any character as a solo. We know our Star Wars, which is important considering so many kids are experts in galactic goings-on...Our appearances feature funny a happy birthday song honoring the birthday padwan, and and 3 phases of Jedi training: light saber skills (we can make balloon light sabers), our seriously funny Jedi master says game, and defeating the death-star a fun game involving sitting on balloons it'll be just like bullseye-ing womp-rats back on Tatooine... time permitting, we also do balloon sculpting and face painting! We bring background music, prizes for all the padwans, and a gift for the birthday child. Picture and video taking are welcome and encouraged. The force will be with your party! Available in 30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute, and 2-hour lengths.

A Few of Our Corporate Clients

Amazon Arm CSI Electrical CTBC Bank eBay Roche Guidewire Starbucks Wage Works