Slot Car Racing


Wow... these A.I mini robotic cars will rev-up your engine and enthusiasm about slot car racing! One of the newest racing car methods and tracks to hit the market! Your guest will control their car from a cellular devise via blue tooth or wi-fi signal. A special & unique interactive mobile application or additional controllers will be offered.

The application provided to the "drivers"

  1. Can set-up character profiles
  2. Controls the movement of their motorized car on our slick mat or track
  3. Can launch digital "weapons" at opponent's cars,
  4. Earn points for winning matches
  5. Redeem points to customize their own cars performance

Our A.I racers rely on infrared emitters and a lens that functions as an optical sensor, which follows lines on a large mat & track that keeps them in place.

If these super racing cars move off the track, they will automatically circle back to search for a sensor line to continue the race. During play... cars can race around the track in a traditional lap fashion, or simply attack other cars using virtual weapons. Sit back or stand up and cheer on your favorite slot car, but either way have fun & enjoy the expirience! 8'W - 3.5"L basic racing mat or deluxe tracks available - 5amp req.

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