Scavenger Hunt


Plan-It Interactive now offers custom Scavenger Hunts. This is not only a Scavenger Hunt but also a hiking trek, orientation exercise, and a chance to learn some interesting facts and history about your area and your co-workers. Each team will begin with their supplies, such as a GPS to ensure they are moving in the right direction, a Polaroid Camera so they can document their finds, and also the list of questions and clues that will lead each team through this adventure. They are now off on the hunt, racing to find the answers and places they need to win this challenge.

They must work together to find various specific points of interest throughout the hunt. Through these tasks, teams will enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the area while learning to work together and appreciate one another's skills and ideas. Bonus information will be required to complete this hunt using information from participants' personal lives, encouraging them to get to know the person, not just the job they perform. This learning experience will forge new friendships and camaraderie while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Choose from our Angel Island, Golden Gate Park, Monterey or Cable Car Hunts or ask about customizing a scavenger hunt for your group and area.

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