Four Way Ping Pong


Haven't played on a four way table before, never fear...this is one of the coolest tables out on the market!

Flow of the Match:  Each player serves one point at a time and then you switch servers.  Clockwise (service moving to your left) works.

Just for starters, here are two scoring options:

- Two options (you choose):

Points go to the winner of the rally (whomever last legally hit the ball): 1st player to 11 points wins, as long as they’re ahead by 2 or more points, the 3 losing players are replaced!


Points go to the loser of the rally (whomever didn’t legally hit the ball that landed on their table): 1st player to 11 points is replaced, and the scores are reset to “0”!  

9.5'Wx9.5''L30"H It’s on wheels & disassembles easily into 4 smaller pieces.



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