Hummer Xtreme Challenge


A thrilling off-road racing game utilizing GM's HUMMER. Gigantic ramps, various courses packed with rough obstacles designed to show the optimum ruggedness of HUMMER. Players can expect heated battles with destroying obstacles throughout the course and passing rivals with large jumps. The game is linkable from 2 to 4 units or operates as a single 2 driver game using the "Driver Change System"

Destroy Obstacles for the Boost Challenge
Boost gauge is accumulated by destroying the obstacles throughout the course, and once it reaches MAXIMUM, it can be released by pushing the boost button. The boost function makes player speed up and undefeatable for a certain amount of time. Use it properly to defeat rivals instantly.

Fun, Cooperative 2 Driver Game with the "Driver Change System"!
The "Driver Change System" requires fun cooperative play with 2 players. The driver changes according to the timing of "check points" and "contact with cars". Not knowing which driver's turn it's going to be provides enhanced excitement. A review of the teamwork is posted after the race.   4'xDx4'Wx6'.2"H - 7amps (priced per unit)

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